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How To Diagnose A Drop In Google Rankings

 How do you diagnose a drop in Google rankings ?We would like to share this video by Matt Cutts - Google Head of Spam.Matt takes you through some ways to find out whether your site is totally gone or partially gone. Matt is a wealth of knowledge and anyone with a website should be keeping up with Google best practices. You may want to use websmaster tools if you have the know how yourself. If not your local SEO Firm can do all these kinds of things for you.Matt talks about … [Read more...]

Video Marketing To Increase Sales

  What Can Video Marketing Do For My Business?  How would you like to increase sales improve your brand and get tons of free advertising. How about having people market and recommend you to for you to their friends?  How about having people "like" your videos and save them to their favourites? How about a platform that has a built in "auto share"? All of these benefits and more come with a properly set up video marketing campaign.You Tube is a massive video sharing search … [Read more...]

Important Website Design Tips

Web Design Tips Everyone can benefit from a new business website design today more than ever before. Many times when thinking about building a web site for our business we think about price and appearance. Most people don't think things through enough. You want to ask yourself where do you want your web site to be in 5 years from now? What is the purpose of your website? Do you want your website to provide you with new customers ? Increase in profits for your business?Answer these questions … [Read more...]