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Is Keyword Rich Anchor Text Backlinking Dead ?

Today we are going to talk about the value or lack of value in anchor text links.I want to comment today about a prediction made by Rand Fishkin of SeoMoz. Rand is one of the most forward thinking seo guys of our time.  He predicts the value of anchor text is actually going to diminish as an seo ranking signal. Google and Bing keep trying to up thier game and provide better search engine results. They are battling it out for search engine market share.So how are they doing this? Well one … [Read more...]

List Your Company Online

graphic design company and logo design firm by category. Get listed under Graphic Design | Web Design | Logo Design | Art and Photography | Animation | Programming | Flash Design | Design Awards | Web Hosting. Also try with Country | City … [Read more...]

Is Googles Disavow Links Tool Good Or Bad For Seo ?

   Google Disavow Links Tool - What You Need To Know ? October 2012, Google announces the "Disavow Links Tool" in Google Webmaster Tools. Bad links can actually HURT your website and negatively impact your search rankings.  Because Google understands many links are very hard to remove once they’ve been built, the Google Disavow Links Tool makes it possible for websites to recover from link-based penalties.This new tool,  disavow links has been designed so that the website … [Read more...]

What’s Causing My Competitor To Rank Higher On Google ?

  Here is a situation I hear a lot from people new to seo. I get a call or an email and the conversation  usually will go something like this. I have a great website with more page authority and  more backlinks,  but my competitor is still ranking higher on Google then my website.  This is so frustrating, what am I doing wrong and  how is this even possible ?That's a great question. The answer could be a thousand different things. This is why its best to hire a seo … [Read more...]

5 Twitter Marketing Tips

  How To Get More Results From Your Twitter Marketing CampaignThese 5 Twitter marketing tips will help you build a strategy to quickly build a great Twitter account. Joining is easy - becoming a success is not quite so easy !What are your goals ?  To gain more targeted followers, build better relationships with potential new clients ? If you answered yes, simply following this quick start guide will send you down the right road.1. Build A Great Twitter … [Read more...]