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Digital Marketing Warning For Business Owners

 Do you own your own business ? Are you in charge of online marketing for a business ?  If so, this wil be the most important article you can read this year. We are in the middle of a digital marketing revolution. Many businesses today are still using outdated marketing methods to advertise thier company and products. Sales have slowed down, profits are decreasing and its becoming more and more difficult to attract paying customers than ever before. Many business owners and marketing … [Read more...]

What Is Inbound Marketing ?

 Inbound marketing is the revolutionary new method of online marketing. I like to call it intelligent marketing. Inbound marketing refers to the process of bringing relevant potential customers into your sales funnel. How would you like clients finding your business online every day and joining your sales funnel ? Well that day has come for many business owners who have adopted this new revolution in online marketing early.Just a few years back we all used interruption marketing. … [Read more...]

Google Missing Keyword Data Is Coming Back

 A panic wave went across the country last Monday When Google turned on secure search. Webmasters were not seeing any of their keyword referral data. It was pretty much all showing as "not provided". Many of us relied on this free organic search data from Google Webmaster Tools.Last Monday it was all of a sudden gone, ouch !!!What is going on now ?Everyone thought this was the beginning of the end for access to all our keyword data. When Google flipped the switch to secure … [Read more...]

Can No Follow Link Building Hurt My Website Seo

  No-Follow Link Building Advice From Matt Cutts  No-follow link, do-follow link, what's the difference ? Link building is now and has always been a big part of search engine optimization. Of course like anything, there is always a right way and a wrong way to do things. There is a lot of free seo information online for people to see and read. The problem is most of this free information about link building and other seo tactics can be outdated, old advice and just plain wrong. … [Read more...]

Local Citations Help Boost Your Business Website Rankings

  What Are Local Citations ? Local business citations are simply referring to your local business listings in multiple places.  listings in such places as directories and websites and industry listings across the internet. For example your listing in the Yellow Pages and are local citations.  It does get a bit more complicated than that, but that gives you the idea. They act as sources of data for the search engines and bigger web based business directories. The whole internet is … [Read more...]