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Website Marketing The Right Way

  Are you doing website marketing the right way ! In today's digital marketing environment just having an o.k website is not going to cut it anymore. Do you want to grow your sales and revenues ? Do you want to beat your competitors online ? Every day more and more business owners get smart to the potential of online marketing to grow thier business. Every day the competiton online gets tougher and tougher.  The best time to get started in the online marketing game is today.Every day … [Read more...]

Building Website Traffic In 2015

Step #2 Building Website Traffic There are many ways to get traffic to your website. However many of the old ways may not be suitable in today's digital marketing landscape. Think about this for a moment ... would you rather have 25 people who visit your website, decided they are in the wrong place and leave. Never to return and never to make a purchase ? Or would you rather only have 10 visitors to your website, all of whom engaged in your website and 2 of which made a purchase ? See in … [Read more...]