5 Twitter Marketing Tips

  How To Get More Results From Your Twitter Marketing CampaignThese 5 Twitter marketing tips will help you build a strategy to quickly build a great Twitter account. Joining is easy - becoming a success is not quite so easy !What are your goals ?  To gain more targeted followers, build better relationships with potential new clients ? If you answered yes, simply following this quick start guide will send you down the right road.1. Build A Great Twitter … [Read more...]

Learn More About SEO

What is Search Engine Optimization ?  We get asked this a lot, so we decided to give a detailed explanation to help you better understand what SEO really is.SEO is an acronym for “search engine optimization” or “search engine optimizer.”Thinking about hiring an SEO firm is a big decision.  You can considerably improve your sites search engine rankings and save time growing your business online. Keep in mind you also risk harming your site and it’s reputation by choosing the … [Read more...]

How To Write Effective Sales Copy For Your Website

 For Most people writing effective sales copy is not easy. Writing A sales script can be a nightmare for many small business owners. Good writing can take a lot of know how and a lot of time. Two things many small business owners do not have. To write a good sales story you must include many components. These tactics must all be used together in the proper format to be effective. Your attention getting headline, your special offer, facts about your products, the goal of your story and … [Read more...]

Website Design Testimonial Bobby Long

Hello Everyone.My name is Bobby long.If you are looking for a great website for your business I highly recommend Joe at SearchBoostMarketing.com. Joe is a search engine specialist and a website designer who focuses on building websites for businesses that rank higher on Google. If your website ranks higher you get more exposure to customers and increased sales online. Make sure you contact Joe at search boost marketing to get a quote.   … [Read more...]

How To Diagnose A Drop In Google Rankings

 How do you diagnose a drop in Google rankings ?We would like to share this video by Matt Cutts - Google Head of Spam.Matt takes you through some ways to find out whether your site is totally gone or partially gone. Matt is a wealth of knowledge and anyone with a website should be keeping up with Google best practices. You may want to use websmaster tools if you have the know how yourself. If not your local SEO Firm can do all these kinds of things for you.Matt talks about … [Read more...]