7 Tips For Promoting Your Business With Pinterest

Pinterest is a great social media marketing tool for promoting your business online. Here are some specific tips which will increase your exposure and value of your pinning work. Follow these 7 tips to ensure you get the most potential from your pinterest account.  1. Set Up Your Pinterest Account For Traffic. Make sure you add your website address to your pinterest account and verify your account. When pinning make sure you add a description that includes your main keyword for the … [Read more...]

Is Your Website Guilty Of These Website Design Mistakes

In today's digital marketing age your website design is more important than ever before. Your website has many key areas that should be optimized for your potential customers. You only have a short time to make a visitor want to stay on your website. If they don't  stick around, they won't know what you have to offer. Make sure your business website does not make these mistakes.  1. Cluttered unprofessional website design. Is it immediately clear what your website or company is about … [Read more...]

Digital Marketing Warning For Business Owners

 Do you own your own business ? Are you in charge of online marketing for a business ?  If so, this wil be the most important article you can read this year. We are in the middle of a digital marketing revolution. Many businesses today are still using outdated marketing methods to advertise thier company and products. Sales have slowed down, profits are decreasing and its becoming more and more difficult to attract paying customers than ever before. Many business owners and marketing … [Read more...]

What Is Inbound Marketing ?

 Inbound marketing is the revolutionary new method of online marketing. I like to call it intelligent marketing. Inbound marketing refers to the process of bringing relevant potential customers into your sales funnel. How would you like clients finding your business online every day and joining your sales funnel ? Well that day has come for many business owners who have adopted this new revolution in online marketing early.Just a few years back we all used interruption marketing. … [Read more...]

Google Missing Keyword Data Is Coming Back

 A panic wave went across the country last Monday When Google turned on secure search. Webmasters were not seeing any of their keyword referral data. It was pretty much all showing as "not provided". Many of us relied on this free organic search data from Google Webmaster Tools.Last Monday it was all of a sudden gone, ouch !!!What is going on now ?Everyone thought this was the beginning of the end for access to all our keyword data. When Google flipped the switch to secure … [Read more...]