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Review Our Internet Marketing Packages

We have several internet marketing packages for you to choose from depending on the needs of your business, and your budget. It all starts with an analysis of your current position and a website audit. You can choose from:

1. Internet Marketing – Do It Yourself  Blue Print for Success Plan

2. Social Media Internet Marketing Power Cluster Program

3. Custom Web Presence Internet Marketing Program

4. Search Engine Optimization Marketing Plan

5. Market Domination Internet Marketing Plan

6. Performance Web Design Plan

Lets  go through an overview of each one of these plans. This will give you more clarity and help you decide which one is right for your goals. Keep in mind we can always mix and match plans or do a complete custom internet marketing plan for your business.

1. Internet Marketing Do It Yourself Blueprint for Success Plan

Just as it says this is for the do it yourself person. If someone in your business has some  internet marketing and website coding knowledge. If they have time to learn and implement new things. If you think your o.k. to do it really well yourself. If you are in no hurry to develop your online presence. Then this package may be for you. We develop A complete internet marketing plan for your website including social media, search engine optimization and web design performance advice. Then its up to you to do the work.


2. Social Media Internet Marketing Power Cluster  Program

Introducing our social media internet marketing power cluster strategy for growing your business and reputation online. This package can be purchased as a stand alone program for businesses that want to set up a social media presence the right way. Every business owner should have a social media marketing strategy in place by now. If you have a great website and want to optimize your social media exposure in areas where your potential customers hang out – then this package is just what you need.

To find out more  go there =>  social media power internet marketing


3. Custom Internet Marketing Web Presence Program

This internet marketing program is for businesses that want to be competitive online. Your goal is to set up a strategic web presence in your local market. You understand you need to get your name out there to get found. You need to engage and follow up! You want to get to page 1 of the search engine results for your specific keywords as fast as possible. You want to take advantage of all the FREE organic search engine traffic and social media exposure.


4. Search Engine Optimization Marketing Plan

This marketing plan is for people building a new website or who have a great website already in place. You want to optimize your websites performance and attain higher rankings on search engine results. Having a solid SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) foundation is paramount in reaching and maintain high search engine rankings online. Search engine are very complex and are always changing to punish bad websites and reward the better websites. Remember major search engines rank web pages not websites. This means you need to optimize every single page on your website. As time goes by it will be the businesses who have a solid SEO foundation in place that will rank in the top spots online.

More about our Search Engine Optimization Package  …  click there=>  Search Engine Optimization


5. Market Domination Internet Marketing Package

This is an exclusive internet marketing package and is designed for businesses who don’t want to settle for great results. Your goal is not to be on the first page of Google but to be in the positions that matter most #1, #2, #3. You want to totally maximize your potential profits from your online presence. Make no mistake about it, this is the #1 internet marketing total market domination plan you will find online. This is our New Release made for one purpose only… to get you to the top and keep you there. No one does a complete market domination plan like this. This package includes everything we have plus a few extras reserved only for our premium clients.

If you want to be in the top 3 positions to maximize your revenues online contact us today – before your competition does. This is an exclusive package and we won’t work with any of your competitors guaranteed ! Call us today 647-466-4531


6. Performance Web Design Package

Need a new website or not happy with your existing website ? Our sites are built for performance – to get you found online ! We only build cutting edge search engine optimized websites. We start with the basic code and continue optimizing every part of your website for search engines. Many designers can build you a beautiful website. The problem is having a beautiful website does not guarantee your website will rank high on search engine results pages.  Lets face it having a great website is useless if no-one can find it! Our websites give you an unfair advantage over your competition. Stop waiting Call us today!

To learn more about our cutting edge website designs visit us there => Oakville Web Design


Thank you for considering Search Boost Marketing.

We are a locally based company and stand behind our work. We guarantee only white hat SEO  tactics for  solid long term results. We do not out source our work to foreign countries and cheap labour.We have seen all sorts of problems with companies using this practice to make more profits rather than focusing on doing the work right in the beginning themselves. Rest assured none of our SEO or internet marketing  tactics will get your site banned from Google. We will in fact increase your websites credibility for long term success online.

Please contact us  for a free website analysis or to start with any of our services or even just to ask a question. Whether you are looking for Search Engine Optimization , Internet Marketing, Small Business Website Design, Social Media Marketing, Video marketing or local search optimization please allow us to quote the job.


We look forward to working with you to improve your web presence.  Call us today 647-466-4531