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Internet Marketing Strategies.

Search Boost Marketing is a  full internet marketing services company in Oakville. We do local and nation wide internet marketing services to fit the needs of small and medium size business. Do you want a local internet marketing package or a full blown internet marketing domination plan ? We will help you attain and maintain a solid higher position on Google and other major search engines. We have pre made internet marketing programs for you to choose from or will make a custom online marketing program for your business. Choose from one or a combination of our individual Oakville internet marketing strategies below. Keep in mind that each one on its own is effective. However combining 2 , 3 or more internet marketing strategies will compound your results making them even more effective than on their own.

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Oakville Internet Marketing Consultant

We offer our internet marketing strategies, search engine optimization and web design knowledge on a per project consultation service. If you have a tight budget and want more affordable internet marketing services we can help you form a very effective internet marketing campaign that you can do yourself. This is for those of you who have someone in your company who has the time and internet marketing knowledge . You will also need some knowledge of HTML code. We are in Oakville, canada but can work worldwide.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

To attain and maintain high Google rankings it is an absolute must that your website has solid search engine optimization. As Google rolls out these new algorithms it is the websites with a solid seo foundation that remain on top of their listings. A search engines roll is to provide the best search results for its users so they are always evolving to weed out weak websites, and those who use spamy and cheating techniques. Rest assured we only use white hat solid search engine optimization best practices when working on all our projects. Our work will not get you banned from Google. To learn more click there now => Search Engine Optimization


Social Media Internet Marketing (SMM)

Face Book , You Tube , Twitter , Blogs and other social media marketing sites have hundreds of millions of users online constantly seeking and making recommendations for products and services. This is where your potential customers are hanging out and spending hours online. 97% of consumers use online searches when researching potential products or services. 78% of consumers say they trust a friends recommendations. The new “word of mouth”  is online social media like Face Book, You Tube and Twitter. Social media marketing online isn’t an option any more … its a requirement!  Search Boost Marketing will help determine which social media marketing sites are appropriate for your unique social media marketing plan. To learn more click there => Social Media Marketing

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Local and Mobile Search Internet Marketing

One big piece of your internet marketing strategy is local search marketing and mobile search listings. Many customers as well as search engines look for and provide search results located within a short drive of their location. Google and other major search engines also give local valid listings priority search results. You want to make sure your internet marketing strategy includes search engine optimized local business listings for maximum exposure.

Video Internet Marketing

You Tube is the second largest search engine in the world with over 300,000,000 visitors per month who watch a staggering 2 billion videos online per month. Many people visit you tube are looking for answers to questions, trying to learn something and looking for product or business reviews. Video marketing should be part of your internet marketing strategy… is it? Search Boost Marketing will help develop a great video internet marketing campaign for your business and get those videos out to a number of large video sharing sites to help drive traffic and customers to your business. To learn more about our proven video marketing formula click there=> Video Marketing

Article Marketing and PR Marketing

Often overlooked form of internet marketing is article marketing and press releases. The secret is choosing to add a well thought out article marketing campaign using high quality sites. This can go a long way in bringing large amounts of highly targeted traffic to your  small business website as well as establish your company as an authority in your field. Press releases can also get you a lot of exposure when done right. Search Boost Marketing will help determine if article marketing and press releases are right for your business.

Pay-Per-Click Internet Marketing (PPC)

Want to get on the first page of Google and have access to millions of people in one hour ? That’s exactly what Pay Per Click marketing can do for you. Although its very fast and very easy to get on Google with PPC advertising,  it is another whole ball game to be successful at it. We have been doing Pay Per Click advertising for years now. Some things to consider are your search engine optimization of your landing page, quality score and conversion effectiveness just to name a few. Your keyword research is also paramount for a successful campaign as well as tracking and analytics. How about negative keywords to prevent wasting money and possible reputation damage. There is a lot of work involved for a successful Pay Per Click internet marketing campaign. Leave it up to Search Boost Marketing – we will get you the results you want.

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Online Reputation Management

Many times a company may be the victim of “bad press”. This could be from a number of reasons all of which make no difference. If you have bad press you want to get it removed or buried as far away as possible. Building an ongoing internet marketing campaign helps eliminate these problems if and when they should ever occur.  Every company should have an internet marketing reputation management program in place. This helps to build your business  a solid reputation.  That way even if something bad were to be said or found it would be over shadowed and lost with all the good you have in place. We can put a program in place for you right away to start adding credibility and building your reputation online. Or if it’s too late call us we can help you fix the problem.


Local Citation Building

One thing not to over look is local citations. What are citations ? Citations are online listings tha mention your business NAP, ( Business Name Address and Phone Number ) across the internet. When building citations just like anything else you want to look for higher quality citation websites. Citation sites that pass trust flow and rank juice to help improve your website authority. Websites like Yelp and Yellow Pages are examples of a local citation listings. Learn more about => local citations to help boost your business website rankings online.


Link Building Internet Marketing Services

A big part of a websites credibility and organic search engine optimization is the quality of inbound links. Be aware of those companies promising huge amounts of links in a short time. Major search engines like Google are very smart , don’t try to cheat or fool them. The quality of links is far more important than the number of links. Actually having too many low quality links can do more damage than good for your website credibility and rankings. Stay away from link farms, 2 way, 3 way and FFA free for all link programs and sites.  It is also important to point out no-follow links.  Keep in mind if you are building links that many links are no-follow back links, which means they do not benefit your website for seo purposes. Find out what Matt Cutts from Google has to say about no-follow links here. You want one way inbound keyword rich do follow text links from credible sites and sources.  At search Boost Internet Marketing we stick to proven white hat legitimate search engine best practices to rank higher you on Google.

Content Writing Services

One important factor in a websites credibility is having high quality search engine optimized reader content. Search engines are very particular in how they want to see and read your website in order to give you the best rankings. We will do the proper keyword research for your industry and develop or rewrite your existing content for maximum effectiveness.

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Website Design

Your website is considered your online sales manager. You wouldn’t think of hiring a poorly dressed poorly performing sales manager.  So why settle for a poorly dressed and poorly performing website ? At Search Boost Internet Marketing we build awesome search engine optimized website Designs that perform well. If you are going to spend money on a business and driving traffic to your website, you better have a great website. It better have solid search engine optimization and it better perform well  in turning visitors into customers. To learn more about our Oakville website designers click there now => Best Website Designer in Oakville

Website Conversions

O.k. so now you have a great looking website. How is it performing ? or converting your visitors into customers. What are your websites call to action ? How about the non verbal messages your website is conveying ? For every 100 visitors how many are converting to customers ? These are the things you want to know. This is why we build websites with positive actions in mind. We focus on building your website based on what you want your business to accomplish. It may be different things for each industry but whatever it is you must do it with performance in mind. The better your website performs the better you return on investment (ROI). To find out more click there =>  Business Website Design Company

Website Analytics

You must always be analyzing your website. How many visitors are coming to your website ? Exactly where are these visitors coming from ? When they get to your website what pages do they look at ? Where do they click ? How long are they on your website ? All these things and many more can and should be monitored on your website. Knowing all this information allows us to adjust specific parts of the website based on actual user behavior not on assumptions. This is an ongoing process of  refining your websites search engine optimization, link building, and conversion performance that will over time fine tune your website into a money making customer generating machine.

Email Internet Marketing

Three steps to a successful website. 1. Get a great website get out there and get found. 2. Engage visitors and convert them to customers. and step 3. Follow up with email marketing to keep in touch, build credibility and continue to sell the your visitors that don’t buy today. Building a quality follow up system and email marketing campaign can have an incredible impact on improving future sales and profits for you business. You keep your name fresh in your customers minds and build a solid relationship  and customer loyalty over time.

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As you can see at Search Boost Marketing we are serious about developing your total online internet marketing strategies. To see our packages and get started now click the green button above or click there => Internet marketing Packages