Digital Marketing Warning For Business Owners


Do you own your own business ? Are you in charge of online marketing for a business ?  If so, this wil be the most important article you can read this year. We are in the middle of a digital marketing revolution. Many businesses today are still using outdated marketing methods to advertise thier company and products. Sales have slowed down, profits are decreasing and its becoming more and more difficult to attract paying customers than ever before. Many business owners and marketing departments are mistakingly blaming the economy or increased competition. That’s simply not the case for most businesses today.


The biggest problem most businesses are facing today.

Most business owners and marketers today are completly un aware of the scope of the digital marketing revolution we are experiencing right now. We are in a time of a major behavior change by our customers. They have changed how they find and compare businesses and products. The internet has changed the game for everyone. The companies that did not adapt early are starting to feel the sales pinch.

Of course most of us have heard about online marketing and the digital age. But most business owners have not done much to capitalize on this new behavior trend. They don’t realize the negative impact on thier bottom lines by doing nothing. They are just waiting around to see what everyone esle is going to do first. Trust me, if you have not started to increase your digital makrketing yet, your sales and profits will get worse and worse as time goes by. It’s time to adapt and make a change now. Do you want to survive and grow your business in this new digital age ? Then you must act now, it’s not an option any m ore but a necessity.


This is your new customer behavior.

What do most people do when they want to buy something or do some research about a product they want to buy ? Most people use thier computer or smart phone to Google and search online for products and services. Most people do not look in the newspaper or yellow page books when they have questions. Those advertising mediums are out of date. Sure they worked great years ago, before the digital marketing revolution. But today, they are not used by most people. What are people using now ? Google online search tool.

 google search results image


Don’t let your business get left Behind ?

Lets say I went to Google right now, I want to purchase a product just like your company sells. It could be just about anything at all. But in this case, I do not know your company even exists. I am a potential new customer living in your city. I go to Google and type in where to buy … ( insert Your Company Product here ). I will get a list of search results starting with 1 – 3 yellow high lighted ads.  ( Highlighted with the orange box, these are ads you can pay for to be on the top of the search results – Note: most people do not click these as much because they know they are paid ads)

Next come all the FREE organic search listings.  These are highlighted with the green box in the image. Most people just like you and I will probably read a few out of the top 5 ads in the free organic results section. Studies show we click on the 1, 2 or 3 results that appeal to us and what we were looking for online.  If there are enough paid ads for that keyword, Google will display more paid ads to the right. Highlighted in the yellow box.

Guess what ? Statistics show that approx. 95% of all clicks are from the first page of search results. Less than 5 % of your potential customers will search past the first page. What does this mean ? It means if your business website is not showing up on the first page of search results, you are missing out on 95% of new customer sales. You are getting left behind every day for 95% of potential sales.

If I don’t see your company website on the top half of the first page, guess what ? I still do not know your company even exists. You lost a sale and possibly a life long customer as well as any referrals I could give as a happy new customer. That is a lot of potential to be missing out on every day.


How to gain a distinct advantage over your competitors

We have all heard a million times how important marketing online is for our business. Yet most companies have not spent very much time or money on developing a great website or a great marketing plan. To maximize our business potential we really must invest in an online marketing campaign to increase traffic and sales. Right now most industries are wide open for anyone to come in and take the lead.

Most companies are not spending nearly enough of their marketing dollars online.  Most companies are still spending too much money on out dated tactics. Do you want to beat out your competitors and get a big share of that 95% of potential new business ? You have to be an early adopter of digital marketing and start working to develop a great internet marketing strategy today. The early adopters of this new era will be able to pull far ahead of their competitors and get the biggest share of all this new business.


The 2 big keys to online marketing success

There are 2 fundamental keys you must get right to be successful online in today’s marketplace. Do these 2 things well and you can pull light years ahead of your competition.

Key #1 is a great user friendly and search engine friendly website design. Presenting your potential new customers with an old out dated or regular plain website just won’t cut it in today’s digital marketplace.  You really do need a great website.

Key #2 is having a customer friendly inbound marketing plan. Inbound marketing is the new digital marketing method of attracting the right buyers to your business exactly when they are looking for you. If you can get the right buyers at the right time you increase your success exponentially.

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