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No-Follow Link Building Advice From Matt Cutts


No-follow link, do-follow link, what’s the difference ? Link building is now and has always been a big part of search engine optimization. Of course like anything, there is always a right way and a wrong way to do things. There is a lot of free seo information online for people to see and read. The problem is most of this free information about link building and other seo tactics can be outdated, old advice and just plain wrong. Today we are talking about a no-follow link and what Matt Cutts head of Google Anti Spam team has to say about them.


no-follow link building


What is a no-follow link ?

A link is simply a website reference with a link to a website address from amother website or page back to the first website. These links are usually to reference your site for more information about a topic. In a directory it is a link to your business website from your business listing. If you make a comment on a blog there is usually a place to put your web address for a link back to your website so readers can find out more about who made the comment. These links fall into 2 categories do-follow links and no-follow link. A regular link will be a do-follow link which means the search engines will follow the link as a recommended and trusted source. When this happens the linking website passes some of the website authority/seo juice on the the other website. Its like getting a positive vote that search engines can see as a good or bad thing depending on the quality of the website giving you the link back. A no-follow link is the exact opposite, it tells the search engines that you do not trust the source of the other website and do not pass any website authority/ seo juice on to the other website. So no-follow links are basically a waste of time for people looking to build better website authority/ value online.


Can a no-follow link actually hurt my website?

In the video below you can watch Matt Cutts give an example and answer this question. Matt says typically a regular no-follow link will not hurt your website. That is the quick and easy answer, but they can hurt your seo if abused. Matt goes on to give an example of a spammer who was making a lot of useless little comments all over the web just to get a link back to promote his website. They actually got some complaints about this guy and in a case like this Matt says we can give your website a manual penalty. So even though a no-follow link wont typically hurt your website, they can if you are abusing the system. So basically think about what you are doing and make sure you are making honest comments realted to the topic and adding value.


Matt Cutts Video On No-Follow Links


When should you perform link building tactics ?

Many people go on to do some advanced seo tactics on thier website far too soon. Keep in mind the most important thing about your online marketing is gaining leads and making sales. The first thing a business owner should be concerned about is making a great website and tracking the performance. How many sales or leads does your website get per 100 visitors. Lets say a website gets 3 sales per 100 visitors. You have 2 ways to increase your revenues. You can increase the number of visitors which is usually the most expensive and hardest thing to do. Or you can work on improving it to get 5 or 10 sales from that same 100 visitors. It would make more sense to increase your sales conversions before increasing the amount of traffic. Why waste 300 visitors and get only 9 sales, when you could be getting 15 or 20 sales from the same number of visitors ? Sounds crazy but that’s what many business owners do. They focus on driving visitors to a poorly performing website. Improve your website design first to close more sales then attract more vistors to increase sales exponentially.


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