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At Search Boost Internet Marketing Oakville,  our Search Engine Optimization Specialist only uses white hat – best practices and search engine friendly code to build you an advanced web site. Already have a website?  Thats fine, our Search Engine Optimization Specialist will work  on existing websites to improve performance.

Our oakville seo Specialist has only one focus and that is to get your website ranking higher in search engine results so you get more qualified traffic to your site!

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We have very hard working Oakville SEO Specialists that are passionate about Search engine optimization. Our SEO team will spend many hours or months on your project as required. To get the results you want, we don’t just focus on increasing traffic to your website. We focus considerably on getting you qualified traffic to your site, and turning those visitors into sales and profits. There is a ton of traffic out there on the internet looking for your products or services, that don’t even know you exist. We are going to change that and bring those customers to your front door with cash in hand ready to buy your products and services.


How does search engine optimization make you more money with your website ?

You must first understand that search engine marketing is about getting found, and not about having a fancy website!  This is our specialty, we will analyze your keywords, your domain name , your content , your current Search engine optimization status. We will also do an in depth analysis of your competitors. Once we know what your competitors are doing we can find their strengths and weaknesses. Once we know what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong our search engine optimizationspecialist will formulate a plan of action to beat them at the SEO game.

Make sure you call us for search engine optimization first before your competition does !

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Search Engine Optimization

We only work with one company in each territory or field. We won’t work for your direct competitor if you hire our search engine optimization specialist first.  Make sure you call us first and don’t let your competitors leave you behind.

Some of the processes our search engine optimization specialists use are :

  • Review existing site content and your competitors websites
  • Develop an understanding of your company, target market and business goals
  • Conduct in depth keyword & key phrase research, for effective results
  • Analyze the search performance status of your site
  • Provide up to date maintenance of all  search engine optimization strategies
  • Submit your site to industry-specific engines and directories
  • Generate leads from high organic search rankings
  • optimize your content and pages for higher rankings on major search engines


Some of the tasks  performed by our search engine optimization specialist  are:

Keywords Analysis
Competitor analysis
URL and Title tags
Meta data and Headers
Actual Content and Navigation links
Image names and Alt attributes
Meta Data Development
Existing SEO analysis
Improved Web Design and site Navigation
Meta Tag Optimization
Alt Tag Optimization
Anchor Text Optimization
Optimization of robots.txt
XML Site map Creation

Reporting to client about activities and results

You can see why hiring a search engine optimization specialist is so important to your website success and should be a big part of your internet marketing strategy.

Tracking your SEO Results

A very crucial component to getting the results you want is tracking.  To really know if what we are doing  is successful we must track the results?  Tracking the results completes A feedback loop and tells us if we are being effective and having the desired effect.  We often make use of the Google analytics for you to see the work progress.  We can help with your existing web site design or help build a new high performance website design for better seo.

Keep Realistic goals in mind.

Our seo specialist will focus on getting your website listed on the first pages of popular search engines for multiple keyword and phrases at a reasonable cost.  Keep in mind that it would normally take  4 to 8 months to see real results from SEO work.  These results don’t come overnight so you must always be planning ahead to stay in the forefront.

Depending on the strategies we use we can speed up the process especially with things like blog posts, you tube videos, twitter tweets.  We can get Certain hot content organically ranked to the top in as little as a few hours depending on the nature of the content and your budget.


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Make sure you contact our  Oakville Mississauga SEO Specialist to start moving ahead of your competition and improving your ROI today. 647-466-4531