10 Penguin 2.0 Seo Updates Coming Summer 2013


Be aware a new Google Penguin 2.o algorithm update rolling out starting May 2013.

Find out who will benefit and who should worry about the new updates as Matt Cutts himself talks about what we can expect.

Matt mentions an update to several areas including some Panda updates as well. All these updates will be rolled out all summer long in 2013. Matt says at the end of the summer many black hat seo spammers will no longer be showing up in search results.



Overview Of Googles New Penguin 2.0 Seo Updates


1. Build Quality Websites.

Matt says keep to regular website quality guidelines for best practices and safe website rankings. Always focus on building a great website that user will love and tell thier friends about. If you build a quality website, people will naturally bookmark your site and share it with others on social media. This activity will get you lots of natural links and keep website visitors coming back to your website again and again. Focus on high quality meaningful content for your users.

2. Penguin 2.0 Seo

Matt says they are referring to this new release as Penguin 2.0. It is designed to further target black hat seo and spammy seo techniques. It is more comprehensive than before and will go alot deeper. This new algorithm update will target and have an even bigger impact on the rankings of spammers with low quality backlink profiles.

3. Advetorials.

We are going to target advetorials in this new update round. We don’t mind them per se, says Matt but we do not want them to pull page rank. If you are paying for a review or advetorial there should be a clear disclaimer that this is a paid advertisement. We do not want consumers to be mislead into thinking these are natural organic results. People need to know this is a paid ad. And putting a paid ad on a website with higher rank should not benefit from that page rank just like a paid link. We are going to be a lot more strict on these types of websites.

4. Spammy Seo Keywords.

We are going to be tightening up rankings on traditionally high spam keyword industries. Generic terms like loans or porn sites.  Industries who are heavily plaqued with spam will see some changes  with the new updates.

5. Sophisticated Seo Link Spam Software.

We have some really new cool software we are developing. We have some ways to go upstream to check backlink profiles. We can see if the levels of backlinks are natural or unnaturally built by spammers. We will de value those spammy links which are artificially inflating some web pages.

6. Hacked Websites.

We are working on detecting a hacked website better. We are also going to be communicating better with website owners and webmasters about the issues.

7. Authority Websites.

We are going to be giving better online rankings to authority websites in each industry. If we see that you are an authority in your field and you have a great website you will be rewarded with more rankings online. Again this comes down to making high quality content websites.

8. Panda Updates.

Our panda algorithm will also see some updates this summer. We know that some websites got hit hard with the original panda update. There may be some websites that have some great high quality signals as well and may be in a grey area. Some of these websites may see some  changes as we try to soften the impact on them if they do infact have all the other quality signals.

9. Multiple Serps From The Same Domain.

We have gotten some feedback about too many rankings from the same domain in our search engine results pages. We are making some adjustments so that this will happen less often especially on the first page of results. When this does happen on the second or third page we will make sure that domain will get less rankings in the results as you go deeper into the results.  We are continuing to improve our host clustering and host crowding issues.

10. Webmaster Help.

We are also looking into communicating better with website owners. We want to add more complete info and more url examples when we see some issues. We want to make sure webmaster get more clear information on how to fix up thier websites.


If you have been practicing high quality seo techniques and sticking to acceptable guidelines these changes should not hurt your reankings. In fact as some of the spammy websites get kicked out of the search results, the better website may see a lift in results and traffic. On the other hand if you have been practicinh black hat spammy seo techniques or paying for cheap seo ervices you may not do well with the new updates we are rolling out.

Overall, web spammers and black hat seo techniques will be less likely to show up in search engine results pages during and after the summer of 2013.


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