Black Hat Seo Techniques Will Ruin Your Website Rankings in 2013


In this article we are going to look at some of the old and new black hat seo techniques that you should never do on your website. Are you looking to increase your websites Google rankings ? Are you looking to increase online exposure to customers and sales ? Some of these techniques may have worked at one time but not today. If you have used them in the past your website could be getting a penalty today. This penalty could be preventing your website from ranking and costing you lost customers and sales revenues.

Don’t Try Black Hat Seo To Trick Search Engines.

Do you actually think you are smart enough to trick the search engines today ?  Remember this, search engines are smarter today than ever before. They have so much intelligence and resources that increase every day. We have all heard about the changes to Google’s algorithms form time to time. Those changes are the big ones. There are hundreds of updates going on all the time. All these updates are designed  to clean up the search results.  Google has a whole anti-spam team that exists to track down and punish the online cheaters.

This anti-spam team works around the clock and with sophisticated and intelligent resources. They are looking for ways people are trying to cheat or game the system. Once they find these cheating (black hat seo) techniques, they enact an algorithm change that goes out and applies penalties to all the websites using these black hat seo techniques .  One by one Googles forces track down and eliminate black hat seo practices.

What Is Black Hat Seo ?

Black hat seo is a term used to describe any method used by websites to trick search engines in order to gain higher search engine rankings for a certain web page. Google webmaster has guidelines for you to follow to do search engine optimization ( seo ) correctly. Want to build a great high ranking website ? Stick to Google Webmaster Guidelines.  Do not try to trick the search engines or cheat … EVER !

Always remember that if you have to question it – it is most likely black hat seo. If for a second you think the method is giving you an unfair advantage, don’t do it. Stick to the rules and best practices to ensure long term success of your website rankings and health. Many people have penalties on their websites now from black hat or old school seo done years ago. Now they have to go back and fix all those problems and re apply to get the penalties lifted. It’s a big time consuming process that could have been avoided in the first place.

3 Questions You Must Ask Before You Start A Seo Campaign

O.K.  so you have a company website and want to make more money and sales online.  Here are 3 questions you must ask yourself.

1. Am I in this for the long term or short term ?  Do you intend to have a long term successful business website ? If yes,  then you absolutely must not do any black hat seo. Even if you get away with it in the short term, you eventually will get penalized and lose your websites authority and rankings. This can cost you thousands or millions of dollars in lost revenues. It’s simply not worth it.

2. Do you want to have a high value or low value website ?  You should start your seo by performing high value seo work. Stay away from the low value black hat seo tactics. If you want a high value website but perform low value activities you won’t get your website to a high value.

3. Do you want to take high risks or low risk with your website rankings and sales. If you do not want to take the risk of losing everything you have built up then do not do risky black hat seo. Avoid it like the plague.


Here is a video from Matt Cutts – Head of Google Spam team talking about black hat related seo.

Black Hat Seo Techniques To Avoid For 2013 And Beyond.

  1. Avoid listing your website in low quality website  directories. When you see an offer by an seo company to list your website in hundreds of directories – run for the hills. That is very bad low quality work that will get your website penalized fast. Having a few links in high quality directories such as DMOZ and Yahoo Directory are fine but not hundreds of  cheap low quality directories.
  2. Avoid low quality article syndication. Putting out thin or low quality articles by the hundreds or thousands may have worked years ago. Today that practice is considred black hat seo and will get you penalized for sure. You want  to write high quality articles and put them on your own blog.
  3. Avoid spammy blog comments. Please know that even though it is easy and very tempting to do this, it is of no value. Do not hire an seo company who says they are going to lots of blog commenting for links back to your site and don’t do it yourself. A great blog comment that adds value to a related website may bring you some qualified traffic. But do not do it just for the links and do not spam blogs with worthless comments and backlinks.
  4. Do not link to other websites that practice poor quality seo tactics or are full of low quality link spam. Can’t decide ? Ask yourself would you trust this website ? Does it look like a quality site ? Do they have too many ads or allow anyone to buy cheap links ? You can tell, if in doubt – then the answer is no.
  5. Re-spinning articles for mass distribution. Make one really good article and use that. Do not re spin and change the article into several seemingly different copies of the same content. Search engines can detect this easily. Don’t try to out smart them. It doesn’t work and once you get caught you will get penalized. It’s not worth it.
  6. Don’t buy links. Generally websites that sell links for guaranteed placement are of little value and can be more harmful than good. Some websites may charge a fee for review of your site for possible inclusion. This is O.K. but you are not guaranteed the link unless the reviewer thinks you have a high quality relevant website.
  7. Do not buy or pay for link farming. This is automated software designed to go out and build a bunch of automatic links to the same few pages with the same anchor text. These links usually come from very low quality places and are more harmful than good.
  8. Do not build hundreds of links with keyword rich anchor text. Google has an over optimization penalty that looks at the link anchor text to see if it seems natural. If not – you get penalized again. You want a variety of natural backlinks that people really use to visit your website. Most natural backlinks will use your domain name or company name as the back link text. Or they will use phrases like “visit website” or “click here”

 Black Hat Seo Conclusion:

Google is the number one search engine and intends to stay number one. They do this is by staying on top of the search results. Google is always striving to continually improve the way search engine results are calculated and displayed to its customers. The anti-spam team is always working to find loop holes, tricks, scams and any low quality cheating scheme you can come up with. When they find it they change their ranking algorithm scores and re-crawl the web with the new formula to penalize all the websites that break the rules.  Want to stay safe and build a long term stable business ?

Simple – follow the rules and only do high quality seo work on your website.

Beware any seo company who makes promises that seem to big.

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    Black Hat Seo Techniques Will Ruin Your Website Rankings in 2013…