Google Missing Keyword Data Is Coming Back


A panic wave went across the country last Monday When Google turned on secure search. Webmasters were not seeing any of their keyword referral data. It was pretty much all showing as “not provided”. Many of us relied on this free organic search data from Google Webmaster Tools.

Last Monday it was all of a sudden gone, ouch !!!

What is going on now ?

Everyone thought this was the beginning of the end for access to all our keyword data. When Google flipped the switch to secure data, all the keyword data stopped being updated and provided in Google Webmaster Tools. Today we can all relax a bit and stop worrying.

Google has confirmed the missing keyword data in Google Webmaster Tools was a mistake.

We expect reporting to return to normal in the coming days Google reported.

This is very welcomed news, since Webmaster Tools is the only way to get actual data from Google regarding the keywords that searchers are using when they land on your website.