How To Diagnose A Drop In Google Rankings


How do you diagnose a drop in Google rankings ?

We would like to share this video by Matt Cutts – Google Head of Spam.

Matt takes you through some ways to find out whether your site is totally gone or partially gone. Matt is a wealth of knowledge and anyone with a website should be keeping up with Google best practices. You may want to use websmaster tools if you have the know how yourself. If not your local SEO Firm can do all these kinds of things for you.

Matt talks about some of the things that could temporarily change your rankings. Things such as changing your website, changing hosting companies, DNS servers all kinds of changes can have a temporary or long term impact on your rankings. Check other search engines see if they are listing your website ? No index tags or cloaking done wrong, Hackers or Malware on your site can cause a drop in rankings.




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This way as we build your sites seo power it is solid and will start to outrank all the so called cheaters trying to sneak thier way to the top which Google catches by realeasing updates like the Panda Update.

Matt cutts also announced on Twitter that we could expect some “Panda Flux” as Google releases yet another small update which undoubtedly will result in more websites that are breaking Google best practices rules and rewarding sites that follow Google best practices search engine optimization rules. Keep your site ranking high on search engine results pages with Google and hire our Toronto Seo Firm today.