How To Write Effective Sales Copy For Your Website


For Most people writing effective sales copy is not easy. Writing A sales script can be a nightmare for many small business owners. Good writing can take a lot of know how and a lot of time. Two things many small business owners do not have. To write a good sales story you must include many components. These tactics must all be used together in the proper format to be effective. Your attention getting headline, your special offer, facts about your products, the goal of your story and who your audience is to name a few. This is a major part of effective small business website design.

Effective sales copy, you must decide the purpose of your story ?

One of the most important things is the outcome / purpose of your message. It is best to decide what you want your story to accomplish before you begin writing. Are you selling a product or service ? Is the purpose of your writing to educate people about a particular product or service ? Are you trying to bring potential customers into your store front or to visit your retail store ? Your writing should slowly and methodically steer your reader towards the desired outcome, your call to action. It will also help you increase website conversions of visitors to customers.

Find out who your target audience is ?

Now that you have an outcome in mind, next you want to decide who it is you will be writing to. Who is going to need or want your products and services ? Who exactly is your audience ? Who will you be writing effective sales copy for ? If you are targeting women you don’t want to write with a guys point of view on things. So narrow down the details of your audience. If you are unsure then now is a great time to do some research. You want to find out things like …

1. What is the age group of your audience?

2. What do they like and dislike ?

3. Are they guys or girls ?

4. Are they single or married ?

5. What is their income range ?

6. What is their education level ?

7. Where do they work ?

8. What are their hobbies ?

9. Why do they need your product ?

These are the types of things you want to know about your audience. You want to be able to connect with them on their reading and education levels. You want to appeal to the interests and desires of your target audience. If you can write your story so the reader can relate, your outcome will be more successful.


What is the Pain your customers experience without your product ?

Now we are armed with the knowledge of who our potential customers are. We know a lot about them down to where they work and what they like. The next step is to figure out the “PAIN” your customers are going through. What are the frustrations they may be dealing with because they do not have your product ? Why do they need your product. What ” PAIN” is having your product going to solve ? The first thing you want to do is describe a scenario of pain and frustration that they can relate to.  Many small business website owners are so so busy with too much responsibility as it is. They already have mounds of work and they simply do not have time to even think about writing effective sales copy. They have too much pain and frustration running too many aspects of their business.  Its just one more head ache they do not need to deal with.  This is how you connect your product offering and its potential with your audience.

Now introduce a solution to the pain they are feeling.

After you have given a brief story showing the problems and frustrations of not having your product. The next step is to introduce a sure solution to the pain (your product). You want to focus the writing around how your product will solve the problem and make the pain go away. Show how your product will make their life easier, better and pain free.  Hiring a internet marketing company to do your writing for you can free up a lot of time and reduce a lot of stress for many small business owners.  You could actually increase sales by hiring an internet marketing company that can add good content to your website that can attract new customers on a regular basis.  Once you have done this the next step is the CTA or call to action. The call to action is simply asking for the sale. You want to tell your reader exactly what you want them to do next, in a clear and concise manner.

Improved search engine optimization is an added benefit of writing effective sales copy and adding it to your website on a regular basis.

As you can see, writing effective sales copy is no easy task. that’s why many small business owners hire companies like Search Boost Internet Marketing to do their effective  sales copy writing for them.

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