Important Website Design Tips

Web Design Tips

Everyone can benefit from a new business website design today more than ever before. Many times when thinking about building a web site for our business we think about price and appearance. Most people don’t think things through enough. You want to ask yourself where do you want your web site to be in 5 years from now? What is the purpose of your website? Do you want your website to provide you with new customers ? Increase in profits for your business?

Answer these questions and you will have an idea of where to start with your website design. You want to make sure you spend a little extra time now to pick a company who is thinking of your long term success. You do not want a web design company only interested in a one time sale and profits. Your web site designer should ask you questions like what you want your web site design to accomplish.

Of course the look and colors of your website design will also be important but they are secondary to the main focus of the website. What are the non – verbal commands your site is making ? What are your calls to action? There is a lot going on when it comes to a great performing website. A great designer will also be a search engine optimization specialist or suggest you hire one during the design process. If not you will end up paying way way more to fix problems with your design or may have to start all over with a whole new website.

3 Important Web Design Tips

1. Balance

Many times we see websites that have way too much of one thing and not enough of another. It just does not look right. We are sometimes not sure what is wrong . We just know we don’t like it. Too much dark color, too much print with not enough pictures. Too many pictures on the website or the pictures are poor quality. Remember this, your potential customers all have different personalities.

Not one style is going to appeal to every personality type. You want to make sure you have a balance of high quality graphics on your website. Not too small and not too many. You also want to make sure you have enough print on your website so that people who want to read information have quality information to read. Some movement on the website is also nice but not too much. Also you want to make sure you are using Search Engine Optimization friendly code for your movement. Too much flash and the wrong code can actually hurt your website SEO rankings. It is also nice to have video on your website or easy access to videos about your business. Videos build more credability and let people see you are real.

2. Clear Defined Goals

Many times I will see a great looking web design with absolutley no idea of what the website is trying to accomplish. Don’t let this happen to you. Take a moment to define clear goals for your website. Your web design and functionality should be based on your websites actual goals. You have to include specific calls to action based on your websites desired outcome. Is it better for your business to connect with your potential customer long before the sale because the sales process takes 6 months? Or if you are a restaurant and need to connect with your customer the instant they feel hungry and are deciding right now – where to go and eat? Every business is different and requires a different web design approach. Ultimately what do you want your site to accomplish ?

3. Search Engine Optimization

What is search engine optimization anyway? Want to know more about it go there => search engine optimization. Briefly search engine optimization is the technical art of designing, re-designing, tweaking, and adding to a website or webpage so it becomes more search engine friendly.  Its like taking a car and super charging the engine so it goes faster. Why should we care about this ?  Well, have you ever did a search online ? Yes of course, so has everyone. Search has become the number one method your potential customers use to investigate new services and products.

Search engines rank web pages according to thier specific algorithms ( set of rules ). To rank well you have to know what these rules are and follow them close enough to get the highest score ( Search Engine Results Listing). The websites who do this the best are the ones that show up on the first page of google or other search engine results pages. This is FREE advertising and getting a top listing on the first page of google can change a businesses future forever. Very few people will go past the 3rd page when looking online. Top 3 is a mandatory requirement with the first page really being the ultimate goal.

To date some web pages have ranked well by default because no-one is really doing SEO in their market and indusrty. These people are thinking im doing fine so I don’t need it. Well here’s what I see all the time, someone new comes into the market and builds a search engine optimized web design and then continues with some basic search engine optimization and soon enough they get the top spots. Your left feeling the pinch of lost sales and are scratching your head in wonderment. Simple rule of survival online he who spends the most time and money on up keeping with search engine optimization gets the biggest share of the billions spent after online searches.  How much do you want ? Sure you spend some money indirectly to do the search engine optimization but the rewards with the new customers and business is well worth the price. Note: Money spent on search engine optimization has the biggest ROI of all your advertising dollars. Spend less make more!

Please feel free to comment on this article and let us know of any other topics you would like us to expand upon. Choose SearchBoostMarketing for all your internet marketing and web design needs.