Is Googles Disavow Links Tool Good Or Bad For Seo ?



Google Disavow Links Tool – What You Need To Know ?

October 2012, Google announces the “Disavow Links Tool” in Google Webmaster Tools.
Bad links can actually HURT your website and negatively impact your search rankings.  Because Google understands many links are very hard to remove once they’ve been built, the Google Disavow Links Tool makes it possible for websites to recover from link-based penalties.

This new tool,  disavow links has been designed so that the website owner or webmaster can clean up the bad backlink profiles on some websites. ( This may potentially clear up some of the penalties a website may have from bad backlinks.)


Read on to find out what you need to know or watch Matt Cutts himself talk about the Google disavow links tool right here.


These backlinks could be organic bad links, unethical spammers or competitors. These bad backlinks may also be from some cheap link building you have done in the past before the rules were changed. They could be from someone who worked on your behalf. This disavow links tool will give you more control over which types of links will be counted towards your sites score and rankings.

Who is the Google disavow links tool for ?

This tool is for websites who know they have a spammy backlink profile. And for those websites who have gotten a message from Google saying we have encoutered some unnatural links to your site. Either way this new Google disavow links tool can help you clean up your site and increase the quality score of your site.

Which types of links is this tool for ? Lets just say you want to clean up all the spammy type links to your website. Some of these types of links would be like:

Paid Links
Blog Spam Links
Comment Spam Backlinks
Forum Spam Links
Guest Spam Links
Low Quality Articles Spam
and all the “YOU NAME IT” spam out there.

So what is the first step to using the Googles disavow tool ?

Matt Cutts ( head of Googles spam team ) said the very first step is to actually write to all of the offending webmasters and websites personally. We want you to go ahead and do all that you can to get these bad backlinks manually removed form the web. Write them and ask them to take those links down. Find as many bad links as you can and get them removed manually. We  want you to make every effort to contact all the offending sites. Not just once write them again and again. Tell them you want these links removed. Before long you will have a big percentage of these bad links removed from your backlink profile. This is the best way to remedy the situation says Matt Cutts.

So when should the Google disavow links tool be used ?

Only after you have spent considerable effort in trying to remove all the bad backlinks. We understand that you will not be able to get a hold of all the sites. We understand that you may not be able to get all those bad links removed. This is when the disavow tool should be used. It will help you get rid of the bad links that you could not get manually removed. Then and only then should this tool be used.

So how do I use the new disavow links tool ?

The first step according to Matt Cutts is to figure out exactly which links you should remove. Hopefully by now you understand what constitutes a bad link profile. If you have gotten a message from us we are now going to give you some examples of your bad links. This will be a random selection of up to 3 types of links to remove. We want to give you a good reference point so you know what type of links we want removed from your site.

If it is a recent message you got from Google, go to your webmasters account and pull up a recent backlink report.  Hopefully you will be able to see what you did wrong. If you are an average small business like a mom and pop type of business, who has just done ethical sort of seo stuff, then you most likely won’t need to use this tool. If you are not doing aggressive seo and are not out bending and breaking the rules you should not have to worry about this. If you are not participating in black hat shady seo tactics like all those cheap link networks then you should be O.K.

So who should use this tool  ?

1. Those of you have gotten a message from Google about an unatural link profile.
2. Those of you who know you have been breaking or bending the rules with spammy links.
3. Those of you who have done some of the old backlinking programs from years back.

How will the disavow links request be treated ?

Matt Cutts says We will treat it as a very strong suggestion, but we don’t treat it as something we absolutley have to abide by He goes on to say that in most cases we will treat them as ” No Follow ” type links and drop them out of our processing. Now once you have uploaded a disavow file it will take weeks to get them all disavowed. It will take time for us to go back out and re crawl all the offending websites and get them re indexxed to actually put the new disavow codes on those sites and links.

Note: If you are requesting a re-consideration, Matt Cutts says to make sure you let us know that you have dis avowed links that you have uploaded for us to review. This is a powerful user tool. Do not use it unless you really need it. Make sure you try to remove the links manually first. Also make sure you only use it on really bad spammy links.

Remember: Most people, the average mom and pop company should never have to use this tool.

Make sure you do a backlink audit before you use the disavow tool to upload a bad link file. Use this tool with caution: If you mis use this tool you can shoot yourself in the foot and do more damage to your site. Be careful and make sure you only use this tool if you know what you are doing. Do not ask us to disavow a link, then change your mind and ask us to not disavow it. Make sure you know what you are doing.

This tool gives legitimate seo specialists a great way to help clean up some of the messy backlink profiles they get faced with when doing thier work. It will help them clean up some of the black hat and spammy work done by others in the past.  Always make sure you hire a quality seo company that only follows Googles best practices for seo improvements.

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