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Scribe Seo Content Software is one of our biggest secret weapons when it comes to seo. We use scribe on every one of our published pages for our website and our customers. We can run any web page, article ect. through scribe and come up with a seo score for that page. If it’s not 100% the scribe software tells us exactly what to do to optimize that page for our selected keywords. It’s fast, easy and foolproof. We have been using it since it’s first release. It has changed a several times and each time has gotten better and better. The masterminds over at scribe have really put something amazing together. I don’t know how we could ever do without it now. It’s a stress free pleasure to use. And It saves us a ton of time.

Want More Traffic, Leads & Sales … With Less Time and Expense
The all new Scribe 4.0 brings you a proven content marketing process with an integrated, holistic approach that maximizes your return on investment.

Your “Unfair” Advantage for Smarter Content Marketing
Superior Content Creation – More Social Sharing – Higher Search Rankings

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Scribe uses a 3 step approach to optimizing for search engines.

#1 Research
Identify The Topics That Matter to Your Target Audience, And The Exact Language They Use When Discussing And Searching

Perform topical keyword research to discover the foundational content that will support your entire content marketing strategy, and keep it quickly available for reference when you need to optimize pages or expand your editorial focus.

Discover new content ideas direct from your intended audience based on semantic and related topical phrases you may not have initially considered.

Compare the popularity of a variety of relevant topical phrases at a glance, giving you instant insight regarding what people are searching for in the search engines and discussing in social media.

#2 Optimize
Step-by-Step On-Page Optimization Advice, Plus Content Development Guidance That Builds Site Authority and HelpsYour Pages Rank Well

Post-Panda/Penguin, on-page optimization that’s “just right,” social sharing signals, and natural, authoritative links are vital for prime search engine rankings, but they’re not enough. Additionally, the overall content focus of your site also influences whether you’ll rank well for a particular topical phrase.

Forget worrying about “over-optimizing” your on-page content. Starting with your natural reader-focused content, Scribe tells you exactly how to gently tweak your content so search engines will view it as ideally relevant for your target topical words and phrases.

See via a graphical matrix exactly how your overall site content stacks up when trying to rank for target keywords. This gives you pinpoint data that allows you to adjust and optimize your go-forward content development strategy in a way that achieves your business objectives.

#3 Connect
Discover Who Else Has The Audience You Want To Reach, And The Best Ways To Establish Relationships And Content Alliances

Identify authoritative social media users and high-ranking sites in your editorial space, see how your intended audience responds to their content, and use these data points to grow your own readership and site authority.

Build your site’s authority through guest writing and other strategic alliances with sites that rank, and know up-front the likely level of relationship-building involved. Scribe’s Site Score gives you a fast way to gauge the degree of difficulty in obtaining connections for the term selected.

Eliminate lengthy research sessions by grabbing contact information for the most authoritative sites with a single click, so you can quickly identify smart potential partners.
Establish your writers as powerful authorities with strong AuthorRank by quickly finding and researching the right content-contribution opportunities and promotional partners.

How is Scribe different from other marketing and SEO software?

Scribe started out 3 years ago as simple SEO copywriting software that made one huge promise – to constantly evolve as the search engines did. Now, in the post-Panda/Penguin world, Scribe has become powerful content marketing software that takes into account that great search rankings are a lucrative result that comes from great, audience-optimized content and social media exposure.

Scribe’s content + social + search approach makes it absolutely one-of-a-kind. Our patent-pending algorithms and our continued commitment to constantly evolve the service ensure this will remain the case.

Take a look at what Scribe can do. Click Here To Take Scribe On A Risk-Free Test Drive Scribe delivers the exact content marketing process that helped Copyblogger evolve from a simple blog into a software company with 100,000+ customers – and it will work for your business, too.

Scribe: More Traffic in Less Time


What’s required to use Scribe?

Scribe Web is completely turn-key – we provide you a username and password when you subscribe. Once you’re logged in you can do research, content optimization, relationship and link building all from one place, then publish your content with the push of a button to WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla. You can also generate customizable optimization reports for clients with a click.

Don’t forget that Scribe Web allows you to research, optimize, and connect for any website, print out client reports, and publish content directly to WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla.

Some Testimonials From Scribe Users

Scribe allows for quick and easy optimization, and your content still performs well in social media channels. Scribe seriously rocks. – Rae Hoffman-Dolan,CEO, Pushfire

Scribe allows for creative content marketing that gets attention, while keeping content creators focused on business goals. It just works. – Greg BoserFounder and President of Foundation Digital

Scribe is my personal writing assistant. I create content the way I want, and then Scribe steps in to help me optimize it for the social media and search engine audiences I’m after.
Jon Henshaw,Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer, Raven Internet Marketing Tools

When I’m creating online content, two things make the difference – efficiency and effectiveness. Scribe gives me both and makes me more money. If you’re serious about content marketing, it makes sense to use Scribe. – Sean Platt,author, publisher, and online entrepreneur

Click Here To Take Scribe On A Risk-Free Test Drive

Scribe: More Traffic in Less Time