Speed Up Your Website For Better Seo Results


One of the important Google ranking factors for website pages is load time / speed.  How fast does your website load ?  This will also reflect a big difference in visitor retention and bounce rates.  People don’t have time to be waiting around for your website to load.  If it’s not fast enough, some people will leave your website.  they won’t stick around to find out what you have to offer.  I have done it and i’m sure you have done it too.  We used  www.webpagetest.org  to test our page speed before we performed some seo updates for page speed.

Check out our website speed test video. Its about 30 seconds long.

Watch the video of our results below and you will see we were able to really speed up our website a great deal. This will make a big difference to search engines and customers as well. Search engine do not want to give your website high rankings if your website is going to load slow and give customers a bad experience.


The video is recorded in slow motion.  This way you really get a good idea how much more time it takes to get all the files to load each version of the website.  This all happens a lot faster.  But when it comes to search engine rankings , they are counting in 100 ths and 1000 ths of a second.  So improving your website speed by 25 %, 40 % or 60%  makes a big, big difference online.

I wanted to showcase how much difference could be made to your website load time speeds by performing some speed optimization. So we tested our own website speed and uploaded the video here for you to witness.  ( you can test your website speed for free – there is no cost ) We encourage you visit web page test and test your own website as well.

The video on the left shows the website load time after we made the speed changes. It was a respectable 2.7 load time. On the right was the website speed before we made 5 speed changes to clean up and optimize the website code for load times. The original was a 8.9 load time – kinda slower than we wanted for sure.   Did you see the actual changes we made ?  WOW !!! That was incredible … we actually were able to decrease our website load time speed by about 65%.


Feel free to use the free website page test to check your website speed. It does not have to be perfect, but when it comes to online rankings, sales and customer experience, faster is better.

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