What’s Causing My Competitor To Rank Higher On Google ?



Here is a situation I hear a lot from people new to seo. I get a call or an email and the conversation  usually will go something like this. I have a great website with more page authority and  more backlinks,  but my competitor is still ranking higher on Google then my website.  This is so frustrating, what am I doing wrong and  how is this even possible ?

That’s a great question. The answer could be a thousand different things. This is why its best to hire a seo specialist to do your seo right. It’s not a clear cut  and easy task as most people seem to assume. There are many factors involved with good seo work to help a website rank higher. Page rank, number of backlinks and trust authority are just a few of the many ranking factors used by search engines.

Many experts seem to agree that there are approx. 200 ranking factors in the Google algoritm. If you take that into consideration you would have to agree that just looking at 3 of those 200 factors will not give you a clear indication of any websites value.

There’s more than just a couple of numbers that determine high rankings for your website online. Here are some things that can affect whether you rank higher on  Google results pages. Any of thesefactors could explain why your competitor can rank higher than you online. Yes, even though you seem to have a higher domain authority or more backlinks.


On Page Seo Factors To Rank Higher On Google

– Your competitor may have an on page advantage over you with the on page targetting of specific keywords.
– your site may not be optimized with all the on page elements as well as your competitor is. Things such as keywords use of  H1 tags, alt tags, relevant links, bold ect.
– Exact match domain names and urls, and domain age could be a reason why a competition could rank higher on Google.


On Site Seo Ranking Factors

– Your competitor may have a higher number of quality informative pages on his website.
– appealing website design with all major content easy to find.
– intuitive navigation menu and hierarchy.
– More unique, informative pages indexed surrounding the keyword you are competing for.


Website Technical Factors To Rank Higher On Google

– your sites robots.txt file could be blocked.
– Targeting one particular country in Google Webmaster Tools.
– poorly written HTML code could greatly affect the site.
– Slow page loading speed could affect your rankings.


Off Site Google Ranking  Factors Such As Back links

O.K. You may have more links – but that’s just the start. Are they relevant links ? Are they from separate relevant domains ?  Are they from separate C-Blocks ? I’ve had clients say “I have 3000 links and my competitor only has 400 links,  how come they rank higher on Google than my website ?”.  Once I do some checking I can see that the “3000” links were from less than 50 domains.  Most of these were spammy blog links that were not directly related to the website’s content at all.  ( most likely cheaply bought seo back linking services ).

The competitor only had 400 links but they were from  150 high ranking quality domains. Many of those domains were directly related to the same  industry. Simply put, they were more natural and relevant back links from higher quality websites.

– If your backlinks are low quality and from unrelated websites, your website won’t benefit much and worse yet could be penalized by Google.
– your competitor may have higher quality relevant backlinks from more relevant authority sites.
If you have tons of  links you can still be out ranked if your competitor has higher quality relevant authority back links. More is not always better.


Social Media Factors To Rank Higher On Google

Keep in mind that simply having more social media signals, more links and more indexed pages does not mean you will automatically rank higher on Google than a competitor. Although these statistics may give you more  domain authority than your competitor,  Those metrics are used more as a general reference. They don’t directly influence your Google rank position online. What you need to do is look at social media signals like this:

Social Media Fans: OK so you have a lot of “likes” – What are these fans actually doing after they “Like you” ? Are these fans tweeting about you ? Are they posting on your fb page ? Bookmarking ? Social activity is the big signal, not just fans but what your fans are doing.


Will Having More Indexxed Pages Help Me Rank Higher On Google ?

Just having A lot more indexed pages than another site does not really mean anything. What matters is that each page has some value, and is unique and informative according to Google. In fact, if the pages aren’t really deemed informative and unique, having more indexed pages may even be harmful. Just because Google hasn’t dropped your duplicate/spammy pages from their index doesn’t mean that those pages are ‘helping’ your site get better rankings. Clean up your site and make it free of duplicate content and spammy pages. Always remember, that the quality of the links will always out rank a higher quantity of cheap links. It’s best to just do it right and hire a seo company.

One key is to focus on making a better website in the eyes of google to give you a better result.  You need to build a fantastic website. High quality content is the main focus but as you can see that there are many things you need to add into the mix to make Google happy and increase your rankings.Google will continue to update thier algoritms , which serves to punish the so called cheaters and reward the hard working webmaster who are following the rules that Google lives by.

By the way, in case you are buying the links and social shares, don’t think you are fooling Google. They know and they don’t like it. That’s the behaviour Google continues to punish again and again. I always see these special offers where you could buy Google plus ones,tweets, Facebook likes, etc.  Google knows that they are fake. So don’t fall for it.

Here’s how to start down the road to better rankings.

1. So hire a Seo company to develop a great search engine friendly website.

2. Make high quality content, videos, free e-books and reports to give away.

3. Do what ever you can to add more value to the web and your potential customers.

4. Make your content easy to share and expand your reach by using social media share buttons.

5. Join social media sites but make sure you engage your customers.

6. Build high quality relevant backlinks – avoid buying cheap links.

7. Hire a website design company that can help you improve website conversions (sales)

8. Set up your analytics and verify your account to track website visitor behaviour.

9. Once you have a great performing website continue to split test to improve.

10. Consider a building a WordPress website design or  adding a blog page.

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