Learn More About SEO

What is Search Engine Optimization ?  We get asked this a lot, so we decided to give a detailed explanation to help you better understand what SEO really is.SEO is an acronym for “search engine optimization” or “search engine optimizer.”Thinking about hiring an SEO firm is a big decision.  You can considerably improve your sites search engine rankings and save time growing your business online. Keep in mind you also risk harming your site and it’s reputation by choosing the … [Read more...]

Video Marketing To Increase Sales

  What Can Video Marketing Do For My Business?  How would you like to increase sales improve your brand and get tons of free advertising. How about having people market and recommend you to for you to their friends?  How about having people "like" your videos and save them to their favourites? How about a platform that has a built in "auto share"? All of these benefits and more come with a properly set up video marketing campaign.You Tube is a massive video sharing search … [Read more...]