Sneak Peek Inside Google Search Results Meeting

A big question on the minds of many people is what really goes on inside of Google ?Until now only a handful of select people outside of Google have ever had the privilage of  seeing one of these meetings.  Have you ever wondered what goes on behind closed doors at Google ?  Now for the first time ever, you can get a sneak peek inside Google.Every week Google holds a meeting with it's higghest members of the Google search quality team.  The board room is filled with some of the brightest … [Read more...]

Google Missing Keyword Data Is Coming Back

 A panic wave went across the country last Monday When Google turned on secure search. Webmasters were not seeing any of their keyword referral data. It was pretty much all showing as "not provided". Many of us relied on this free organic search data from Google Webmaster Tools.Last Monday it was all of a sudden gone, ouch !!!What is going on now ?Everyone thought this was the beginning of the end for access to all our keyword data. When Google flipped the switch to secure … [Read more...]

10 Commandments of Seo Infographic

 10 Commandments of Seo Infographic.I just had to share this awesome info graphic to our readers. Matt Cutts looks great as Moses. These are 10 up to date great seo tips for 2013 website owners to follow as Google best practices to building quality websites.There will always be SEOs who try to trick Google’s algorithm, but Google is always on the hunt to penalize dirty tactics. Despite the Google algorithm updates, many people still use these sneaky tactics in hopes of bettering … [Read more...]

10 Penguin 2.0 Seo Updates Coming Summer 2013

 Be aware a new Google Penguin 2.o algorithm update rolling out starting May 2013.Find out who will benefit and who should worry about the new updates as Matt Cutts himself talks about what we can expect.Matt mentions an update to several areas including some Panda updates as well. All these updates will be rolled out all summer long in 2013. Matt says at the end of the summer many black hat seo spammers will no longer be showing up in search … [Read more...]

Black Hat Seo Techniques Will Ruin Your Website Rankings in 2013

 In this article we are going to look at some of the old and new black hat seo techniques that you should never do on your website. Are you looking to increase your websites Google rankings ? Are you looking to increase online exposure to customers and sales ? Some of these techniques may have worked at one time but not today. If you have used them in the past your website could be getting a penalty today. This penalty could be preventing your website from ranking and costing you lost … [Read more...]