6 Steps To A Great Website Infographic

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Website Marketing The Right Way

  Are you doing website marketing the right way ! In today's digital marketing environment just having an o.k website is not going to cut it anymore. Do you want to grow your sales and revenues ? Do you want to beat your competitors online ? Every day more and more business owners get smart to the potential of online marketing to grow thier business. Every day the competiton online gets tougher and tougher.  The best time to get started in the online marketing game is today.Every day … [Read more...]

18 Key Questions Before Designing A Website

Thinking about designing a website for your business ?  First thing to do is plan out your needs and wants to avoid a disaster and delays down the road.  There are some really good questions you should have answered before you hire a website designer.  Don't worry, this is just a starting point and you don't have to have everything figured out exactly.  Avoid potential problems and delays by learning all you can about what you want your website design to accomplish before you hire a web design … [Read more...]

Website Re Design Case Study – Home Renovations

  Website Re-design Project details: We got a call from Ben who owned a home renovations company in Burlington. Ben thought his website could and should be bringing in more business leads from online searches. Ben was looking to grow the business and thought he would update their business website and marketing to match the new online  digital marketplace we are now experiencing.We did some research and discovered that bens website was through a large well known directory provider.  … [Read more...]

Is Your Website Guilty Of These Website Design Mistakes

In today's digital marketing age your website design is more important than ever before. Your website has many key areas that should be optimized for your potential customers. You only have a short time to make a visitor want to stay on your website. If they don't  stick around, they won't know what you have to offer. Make sure your business website does not make these mistakes.  1. Cluttered unprofessional website design. Is it immediately clear what your website or company is about … [Read more...]