Using Buyer Personas For Better Marketing

Businesses who are using buyer personas for better marketing have the best results with digital marketing. In order to create effective customer content they create a great understanding of their customers needs and pain points. Your client should feel like your content was written just for them!  You should have them thinking this company knows exactly how I feel and what I need.This is what happens when you take time to study your customer. You get a deep understanding of what the pain / … [Read more...]

Scribe Seo Copy Writing Review

 Scribe Seo Content Software is one of our biggest secret weapons when it comes to seo. We use scribe on every one of our published pages for our website and our customers. We can run any web page, article ect. through scribe and come up with a seo score for that page. If it's not 100% the scribe software tells us exactly what to do to optimize that page for our selected keywords. It's fast, easy and foolproof. We have been using it since it's first release. It has changed a several … [Read more...]

How To Write Effective Sales Copy For Your Website

 For Most people writing effective sales copy is not easy. Writing A sales script can be a nightmare for many small business owners. Good writing can take a lot of know how and a lot of time. Two things many small business owners do not have. To write a good sales story you must include many components. These tactics must all be used together in the proper format to be effective. Your attention getting headline, your special offer, facts about your products, the goal of your story and … [Read more...]