5 Twitter Marketing Tips



How To Get More Results From Your Twitter Marketing Campaign

These 5 Twitter marketing tips will help you build a strategy to quickly build a great Twitter account. Joining is easy – becoming a success is not quite so easy !

What are your goals ?  To gain more targeted followers, build better relationships with potential new clients ? If you answered yes, simply following this quick start guide will send you down the right road.

1. Build A Great Twitter Profile

You want to make sure you build a great looking profile page. Left side image can be 200 px wide x 600 px high. This will give you lots of room above the fold to brand your company and send your number one message or call to action. You should also put a personal picture of someone representing your company rather than a logo. Your profile pic size is 128 px x 128 px. Have a graphic designer make you some pro images if you don’t already have them. You want to make a good impression when someone lands on your profile.

2. Define Your Target Audience

If you want to make Twitter profitable you need to think about who your potential clients could be. Who are your past customers and who could be your future customers ? You want to be sure and engage with the right audience. A great way to start would be to start following your potential clients. You can also gain some insight by looking at who is following your competitors.

3. Actively Follow Others

You must actively follow other people. Don’t sit around and wait for someone to follow you. You could end up waiting forever. Actively spend an hour or two a week looking for potential clients and follow them first.

4. Send A Free Gift

Where possible send a free gift to everyone who follows you. Something simple as a PDF or E-BOOK full of information your customers may need and want. Make sure it is something of value. This can start a lot of conversations and after all that’s what Twitter is all about. Short, sweet and to the point conversations.

5. Have A Purpose

Remember what you are doing this for. What is it you want to accomplish with twitter ? Directing people to your website so you can have them sign up for your newsletter ? Make sure your tweets and your profile use a call to action to direct potential clients to your valuable offer. Keep in mind what you want your followers to do and make it easy for them to do it.

I hope you enjoyed our 5 Twitter marketing tips. Make social media marketing a part of your internet marketing strategy.

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