7 Tips For Promoting Your Business With Pinterest

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Pinterest is a great social media marketing tool for promoting your business online. Here are some specific tips which will increase your exposure and value of your pinning work. Follow these 7 tips to ensure you get the most potential from your pinterest account.


1. Set Up Your Pinterest Account For Traffic.

Make sure you add your website address to your pinterest account and verify your account. When pinning make sure you add a description that includes your main keyword for the picture as well as a link back to your website content about that picture. Makes sure you pin images from your actual website with links back to your valuable content.


2.Protect Your Original Pinterest Content.

You should add a watermark with your logo and or your website address to your photos. Please be kind and do not steal other peoples content – ever. Repinning is O.K., that’s just sharing and is encouraged, after all that’s what pinning is all about, sharing ideas and images … but please don’t steal.


3.Repin and follow others to increase your exposure.

Pinning, re-pinning others and following other boards will increase exposure to your boards and business. This exposure activity can reach people who may not have otherwise found you on pinterest. Now these are new people have the potential to become customers or clients.


4. Comment and thank people

It is a great practice to comment on pins you like especially when you re-pin them. And take the time to thank people for re-pinning any of your pictures. You can alert people to your comments by tagging them like this => @other persons name goes here.


5.Create great pictures.

Really focus on great images and artwork when you are making or buying artwork for your website or blog. Making high quality images  you think people will like should help you get shared more. More sharing of your pins means more traffic for your website. More traffic can lead to more potential new business. Keep in mind you can use text as images such as a positive quote with a nice color background. Consider using image making tools such as instagram or pinwords tools.


6.Ask for the Sale.

Remember selling is O.K. when pinning.  You can dispaly prices and ask for the sale with calls to action. You can pin a photo of one of your products with a price and the words  “sale on now” for example. Remember to use tip number 1 and add a description, keywords, prices and a link back to your website product page. You can have people pinning and sharing your items for sale and promoting your business when it’s done tastefully. Please don’t over do it though, you don’t want to come across too pushy and all salesy.


7. Analyzing your Pinterest traffic

You want to make sure that you track the visitors and conversions on your website that come from your pinterest account. This step of analytics can tell you how profitable pinterest is for your business. You can also determine which photos are bringing you the most traffic so you know to make more content similar to what is working for you. You can use simple analytics tool like Google Analytics.


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