Website Marketing The Right Way


Are you doing website marketing the right way !

In today’s digital marketing environment just having an o.k website is not going to cut it anymore. Do you want to grow your sales and revenues ? Do you want to beat your competitors online ? Every day more and more business owners get smart to the potential of online marketing to grow thier business. Every day the competiton online gets tougher and tougher.  The best time to get started in the online marketing game is today.

Every day you wait puts your business further behind.

Want to do it yourself ? Have the time to learn new skills ? Keep reading as we lay out our successful website design and marketing strategy you can follow yourself. Don’t worry we are going to give you a step by step marketing plan to outsmart your competitors and rise to the top of your industry or local market. We are going to cover 3 key steps for doing online website marketing the right way for 2015 and beyond.

In 2015 everyone should start doing website marketing the right way !

We have developed our unique method of building up to date websites and marketing strategies for your business. We provide a complete website design and marketing package for success in 2015. Our advanced website program can be done all at once or in phases to work with your budget. The end goal is to increase your website ranking position and sales effectiveness online.

Our complete package includes help with the initial planning, creative development, conversion optimization and measurement of success and on going improvements to your website throughout the program you choose Here is what we offer…


Step #1 Smart Website Design

Developing a great website design and marketing strategy may be the most important step in becoming successful online. You need to think about who your customers are and what they really want. Then give it to them. We take building your website seriously and spend time getting to know your customers needs and wants.  Then we design a beautiful website for the purpose of attracting more of the right customers and helping them buy. In building an up to date state of the art website we cover all the important areas of website design and development for 2015 including:

a. Authoritative Website design

You must develop a great authoritative website with quality content that teaches and informs your potential customers about your products and services. You want to build educational high quality content with the purpose of teaching in mind. The more your potential customers know about how your products and services can help meet their needs, the more likely they will buy from you.

b. Great User Experience

An important aspect of a successful website design in the user experience. How easy is your website to use ? Your customers should be able to find all your important content quickly and easily within a few clicks of the mouse. Navigation should be easy to understand and not involve any guesswork. Don’t make them think too much. Keep it simple !

c. Responsive Website Design

Your website needs to be responsive in design. Which means it can adapt to be useable across all the different sizes of devices and mobile screens.  Such as smart phones, tablets, laptops and full size computers too. Mobile devices now count for over 50% of all online searches. You do not want to miss out on this potential customer traffic.

d. Landing Page Design

Now you have a great authoritative website that’s easy to use and responds to mobile devices and screens. The next step is to plan and build your landing pages. Landing pages are specific pages built with one purpose, action or goal in mind for your website. It could be to get an email address and put your potential clients into a series of educational emails. Or to get a mini sale of a small product or offer to start building trust with your new visitors.

e. Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion optimization is the process of measuring and testing on your website to increase the actual numbers of leads, sales or other actions in a measurable way. This can increase your website sales and leads of your existing website visitors without spending more money on traffic.

f. Video Development

There is no doubt among internet marketers that video helps to increase sales and conversions. Many people would rather watch a video on your website than read your content. Having some great sales videos that explain your products and offers on your website can boost your website effectiveness. We can help you write scripts and develop videos for your website.


Step # 2  Building Traffic

We use a variety of proven techniques to increase traffic to your website to grow your business online.  To learn about Step #2 Please click there => Building Website Traffic