Website Re Design Case Study – Home Renovations


Website Re-design Project details:

We got a call from Ben who owned a home renovations company in Burlington. Ben thought his website could and should be bringing in more business leads from online searches. Ben was looking to grow the business and thought he would update their business website and marketing to match the new online  digital marketplace we are now experiencing.

We did some research and discovered that bens website was through a large well known directory provider.  The website is what we call a ” mini site “… not the best thing we would reccommend to build for a company looking to increase online exposure and sales. It was a few pages built as part of a bigger directory company website. Basically spending your time and money on that website was like putting renovations into someone else’s home. (Not a good idea at all) The website was not search engine friendly like he had thought. The website was not performing well in the search engines and was not bringing in new business like it should have been doing.

The clients company has been succcessfully doing all types of home renovations in Oakvillle, Burlington and Mississauga for many many years. The company had everything going for it to be successful except a great search engine optimized website property.   We were hired to fix that !

What we did first …

We talked with Ben about what exactly he was looking to do with his business. We wanted to know exactly who his best customers were and what was the best kind of business for him to attract ? Who were his ideal clients ? We wanted to make sure we built a website that was designed to bring Ben the right kind of business and clients that were ideal for his company. We wanted to make sure down the road Ben had enough business that he could pick and choose the best clients to work with. This way Ben would be making more money with less stress because he was working with the right clients and doing the jobs he loved to do most.

You can see the  ” BEFORE ” and ” AFTER ” photos of the website.

Vandennoort Before After

What you cannot see in the photos is all the work we did ” behind the scene ” to clean up the code for faster loading times and better search engine rankings. We built a whole new website with search engine rankings in mind from the very start. We performed our on site seo package for Bens website to help search engine rankings. What you can see however, is the website looks more professional with cleaner lines and has a better organized layout.

We put Ben’s 4 main services right in the middle, ” above the fold “so visitors can easily see what he does. We also put a Call to Action with a GREEN click here button … so people know what to do next. The footer at the bottom has a map of Ben’s location designed for Google as well as his hours of operation for clients to see.

Sometimes when it comes to Google rankings a website does not do well because of many different factors. One big factor can be how the website is built / coded inside. We build all our clients websites to be search engine friendly from the start of the project to the finish. Our goal is not only to build a professional looking website, but also a website that will help increase search engine rankings and bring you more customers.

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