Is Your Website Guilty Of These Website Design Mistakes

In today’s digital marketing age your website design is more important than ever before. Your website has many key areas that should be optimized for your potential customers. You only have a short time to make a visitor want to stay on your website. If they don’t  stick around, they won’t know what you have to offer. Make sure your business website does not make these mistakes.


1. Cluttered unprofessional website design.

Is it immediately clear what your website or company is about ? Your website should convey a clear message within 3 seconds of a visitor landing on your website. They should not have to scroll around to find out what it is you do or sell. If they are unsure they are in the right place you could easily lose a potential new customer. Make sure you are clear about who you are and what you offer.


2. Using artistic fonts that are hard to read.

Sometimes we want to look fancy or sophisticated so we choose a fancy font. This could be a big mistake. Sometimes when scaled down to a mobile device, those fancy fonts can be impossible to read. So here again you could easily lose a potential customer because your content is difficult to read.


3. Using too much unstructured content.

Having a very busy or jumbled home page is a big no no. You also have to watch the inside layout of your website. You want a website design that is easy to look view and not confusing. Always use easy to read scannable content with headlines, paragraphs and bullet points. This way the visitor can quickly scan the contents to make sure its what they were looking for before they read deeper.


4. Using too much flash content.

You want to make sure your website shows up correctly on as many browsers and devices as possible. Using flash can limit your website in 2 ways. You can limit your content from being seen on some devices as well as limit search engine rankings by using too much flash design elements. Imagine you have a great home page designed with flash and a potential client visits on a mobile phone that does not display flash. Your home page shows up as a blank page and you lose a potential client.


5. Using a pop up registration form too quickly.

A new visitor to your website needs some time to see what you are about. Time to connect and make sure they like what you are saying. Jumping the gun too soon asking for thier email address too soon may seem pushy and offensive. Why would I give you my email address right away if I don’t know anything about you or your offerings ? Have you opt in form placed on your page or have a more subtle pop down from the nav bar so you seem less pushy and more there to help and inform.


6. Forgetting to add your contact info.

In today’s digital marketing age your website has to be awesome. Leaving out your contact information such as physical address and phone number can reall limit your credibilty. Lets say you visited 2 websites for the same services. One website had a physical address and a phone number listed and one had nothing at all. Which website are you more likely to trust ? Not to mention the affect on your search engine rankings. If your website has listings and citations across the internet but no address and phone number on your website, it is difficult for search engines to verify the listings and your website are the exact same companies. Limiting some of your website authority.


7. Using seo unfriendly url structure

When it comes to websites, your search engine rankings are greatly affected by the url structure that you use. Using the wrong kind of urls can definately cost you some lost rankings online. You want to make sure you use a website developer who understands search engine optimization. After all your gonna spend a lot of money designing a website. You want to make sure you give it the best chances of attracting potential customers.


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