12 Questions To Determine Your Website Needs Help

Do you own your own business?  Do you have a great website design ?  How do you know if your website is good enough ?  How do you know if your website is doing its job ?  Do you want your website to help increase your new customers and increase your sales revenues ?  If so, you must read on to learn how to improve your website.

There are 2 big factors that need to be addressed when making a business website with the purpose of growing customers and sales revenues online.

Step 1: The website has to be search engine optimized so that it gets higher online rankings to attract more visitors / potential customers.  This is what we refer to as your website traffic.

Step 2: The website needs to be able to convert these visitors into leads and sales.  This is the ultimate goal sales goal and we call this your conversion rate.

Many business owners don’t really know how to check if their business website is converting very well.  The formula is to basically divide your total traffic by the number of leads or sales you are getting.  Most business owners are unsure how to get these numbers.  Using Google Analytics to track your total traffic and sales is the easiest way to start and is free to use.  If you are not tech savvy, you may have to hire someone like us to set it up and track it for you, but the actual software is free to use.

Are you wondering if your website could be more effective ? Could it be making more sales?  Here are a list of questions to ask to determine if your website could be improved for increased sales.  If you have not implemented many of these items it’s safe to assume that you could drastically improve your website sales and conversions. In your case hiring someone could be very beneficial to your website sales.

12 Questions To Determine If You Need Help With Your Website.

  1. Do you perform monthly seo on your site to improve first page rankings on Google ?
  2. Do You perform any A/B testing to improve your website ?
  3. Do You ever try purchasing or signing up on your own website to see how it works ?
  4. Do You provide a free incentive to get more people to sign-up on your website ?
  5. Do You ever survey your website visitors to ask for feedback ?
  6. Do You have a clear call-to-action on your homepage ?
  7. Do You clearly show your unique value proposition on your homepage ?
  8. Do You know what above the fold means or how to use it best  ?
  9. Do You know the benefit of using goals in Google Analytics ?
  10. Do You know what landing pages are and do you use them ?
  11. Do You know your own website conversion rates ?
  12. Do You get lots of new subscribers to your newsletter every week ?

The best thing to do is answer these questions honestly. If you lie the only thing you are doing is hurting your own website sales success. Do you have an seo strategy and follow up to date seo principles ?

How many of these questions do you know the correct answer ? If you feel you are unsure about more than 5 of these questions you could really benefit from some help.

Contact us today to see how we can help your website sales online.