Experiment – Can Green Marketing Improve Product Sales


Have you thought about offering an environmental or green slant to your product marketing?  Does green marketing actually improve sales?  Recently marketingexperiments.com  put up a video on exactly that. You can watch the green marketing video here. I watched the video and thought it was so detailed and informative, that I must share it with our readers.  Austin McCraw really goes into details in this test to help you really think and open your mind to learn more about why certain things work and why they don’t .  He provides both good and bad examples and goes into details about why they may work or not work in connecting with the minds of your customers.



What will you learn about green marketing?

The bottom line: GREEN marketing can work, but does not always work. So don’t just add it to your product marketing without some careful thought and without watching this video.  This is a must watch for all companies selling products retail offline or online.

There are 4 keys to getting the green environmental marketing correct.

  1.  Is it tangible
  2.  Is it relevant
  3.  Is it unique
  4.  Is it believable

Today, marketing of products can be harder than ever. Considering the role of envirnomentally friendly marketing for your products is a big decision that you really have to get right. Missing the mark on this one can actually cost you lost sales.  You can watch the video here  and see some insightful live web page critiques to see how your green marketing can possibly be improved.

A great marketing test and a must watch, I hope you learn something new, enjoy !