Increasing Website Conversions


Improved Website Performance

Improving your website conversions / performance is the next area of focus. After we have your website getting sufficient qualified traffic from all the various lead sources we have implemented we than want to make sure your site visitors are taking the desired action you want ?  This is just as important as getting the traffic to come to your site. If you are getting lots of traffic and no-one is buying your offer than something is wrong. Even the smallest issue can sometimes ruin a potential sale.  We want to streamline the process on your website so it all goes smooth and fast for your customers.

We will analyze your on site strategy and make sure your site is efficient at converting these visitors into customers and more importantly into sales.  Simple mistakes like the wrong colors or images, a mispelled word, lack of direct call to action ect. can dramatically decrease your conversion rates and lead to missed sales.

Now you can see the (website traffic to conversion rate) dynamic that must also be worked on to effectively double or tripple the number of sales made on your web site?  Increasing traffic isn’t the only option, and  it is not always the most cost effective solution.  Doubling ot trippling your conversion rates will have the same effect as doubling or trippling your traffic.  As you can see,  part of the solution, is the identification and removal of problems with your sites usability.

Some of the tasks  involved but are not limited to are:

Existing site analysis for improvements
Competitor site analysis
Consumer navigation analysis
Actual Content and Navigation links
Integration with Google Analytics to monitor daily traffic
Integration with Google Webmaster to monitor search engines crawling activities
Reporting to client about activities and results

You can see why  Oakville Web Design is your number 1 choice for growing your online presence fast !

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