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Please browse through some of our small business website designs. You can also click on the website picture to get a closer view of each website.

Trebor Personnel Inc.

Tpi personnel wanted a website re design. They had a website for a long time but wanted a new website that had a modern look and feel and that was search engine friendly to gain online exposure and reach more potential clients.

website design project for

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Tan in the Wild

Tan in the wild has had several website re designs over the years. The last changes were made with search engine optimization in mind. If you type in just about any keyword for tanning salon in Oakville, Tan in the Wild is sure to come up in the number 1 or 2 spot everytime.

Tan In The Wild Website Design Project

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Measured Up

Measured up was a new business start up. They needed a search engine friendly website that was going to rank well online as soon as possible. They needed exposure and a professional presence right from the start. So we built a great website based on those goals and got the new company website on the first page of Google to compete with companies that had website for 10 years and longer. Now they are right there exposed to the potential clients to grow thier business.

Measured Up Website Design Project

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Jimbere Coaching & Consulting

Jennifer Jimbere is a successful business coach. Jennifer contacted us to design her new website and help with capturing leads. Jennifer ended up purchasing our Business Website Design package. We built Jennifer a new website design that would respond to all mobile devices, Ipads, mobile phones ect. She also wanted a website that would reflect a new modern up to date design. We helped Jennifer come up with her FREE Mini Coaching Series and set this up to work automatically to attract new leads into her sales funnel. Jennifer ended up with a beautiful, modern, mobile friendly and search engine friendly website design. Her website was optimized for easier search engine rankings to attract new customers online.

Jimbere Coaching and Consulting Project

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Pink Rose Dry Cleaners

Pink Rose Dry Cleaners in Oakville wanted a new website to showcase thier experience and abilities.  They wanted to stay up to date with current marketing trends and to gain some exposure online. They needed a simple yet professional website designed for high online rankings to attract new customers.

pinkrose website design

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