Importance Of Protecting Your Website

Just a quick note on how truly important it is not to just leave your website unprotected from hackers. We have been tracking hacker login attacks on one of our test websites … and as you can see from the log below, its disgusting how we have had so many attempts to hack our website. Now this site has nothing valuable on it. It’s just a test / development site we use when building websites or trying new things. But I repeat,  it does not have anything valuable on it at all.But still. we got all these hacking attempts.

What’s my point ?

Simple, in most cases these hackers are not looking to target “YOU” or “YOUR BUSINESS” in particular. Most of these are automated scripts running around the internet looking for easy websites to hack into. We have settings on this website so these guys get tracked and locked out from re-trying right away. But imagine if you did not have any security in place at all. You would not even know this was happening as well, the hackers would not be locked out but actually free to attack your site 24/7 hours a day or until they get in.

Don’t take chances with your business websites. Keep your website protected so you can sleep well at night and not need to worry about hackers taking your site down.  Just scroll down through the log I just saw when I logged into one of my test development website. I was actually in shock when I saw this today.

Secure your site and sign up for one of our website care plans you can see all the details here.

Hacker – IPUser Name and Password They Used To Tried to log in as